Saturday, June 14, 2014

Diabetes symptoms and Treatment Guides Online

Though not all people suffers with the disease diabetes in their life but those who suffer with diabetes live their life like a living hell. They go under the strict rules of mandatory exercise everyday as per the instruction of their doctor. Lots of forbidden rules are given to them. Disallowed list of foods are one of the general forbidden rule for them so to speak. And when things go on that way then at one stage they required to inject insulin in to their body and I say that is a miserable life that no one expects in their life. So while you read this post I want to ask you a question. If you are old or over weighted or in a form that are risky then do you ever thought yourself that you may be affected by diabetes? Or, when did you last made a pathological test to see the sugar level on your body to identify the chances of getting diabetes?
Here I want to point you to some habits or issue that may be important to check if you have a chance of getting diabetes in case they match with you. The following are not all but selected few symptoms.
You should make your full inquiry with the help of medical assistance.

> Sugar cravings and carbohydrate ‘addiction’.
> Sleepiness after a meal;
> Increased appetite, usually after a carbohydrate meal.
> Pattern of nighttime eating.
> High stress.
> Abdominal obesity: waist circumference greater then 40 inches for men,
    or 34.5 inches for women.
> Weight loss resistance.
> Excess hair, acne and menstrual irregularities.
Or, by the worst if you already under disease of diabetics’ then do you know the available treatments
about it? It is obvious that one should see a doctor first. But next to that you can also get some
prescribed formula written just for the patient who care more about this disease and in addition want
to follow some natural treatment by him/herself.

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I have read many topics about diabetes and got some useful information. Some advice in a website of a famous doctor caught my eyes and I got very motivated to share with my readers. Here they are:  Don’t Smoke! Laugh often. Maintain positive mental attitude. Get adequate rest.  Exercise regularly. Adapt moderation with alcohol. Manage stress. And before ending, I wish all people get safe from diabetes and if already suffering with it then follow a good graded doctors or my suggested Reverse diabetes formula from the above link. Thanks.